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Tuesday Online Class Discussion

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Unit 1. Discussion assignment for May 25.

What makes a competent lifelong learner in your opinion and experience? We will discuss in class. No need to write anything.

1. Define  lifelong learning.

2. What are the most important characteristics you would say characterize the lifelong learner? Explain or use an example for those you list.

3. How will you teach/instruct/mentor your learners to become lifelong learners?

4. What do you consider the most important/most effective way to help your learners become effective lifelong learners. What will you do to foster this habit?


Read the scenario of these learners, and tell us what you think of these learners.



This is the second session of acmd 615.





Attendee(s) may join by using the following link:




Theimpactofpersonalityandapproaches2 .pdf

These two articles (above) are similar and discuss the 5 traits related to approaches to learning and information searching behavior. Choose one to read.


Mazmanian, Davis  Continuing Medical Education and the Physician as a Learner. this is the famous article that claims few advances result from CME.
JAMA  2002;288 1057-1060  CMEPhysician.html  or CMEphysicianaslearner.pdf


Article related to Self Assessment

1137.pdf  Article by Duffy "Self Assessment in Lifelong Learning" in the JAMA related to physician directed learning and self assessment.


Assignments We will discuss Lifelong Learning  in class. No need to write or post answers to the questions. They are to provoke thought.


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