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RIME Model

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The RIME model has been used to assess the level of an individual's performance and is considered useful for conducting a baseline assessment of learners and for tracking them through training. The terminology is descriptive of their performance, and not necessarily related to their stage of training. Some instructors use the model as a guide to feedback and building expectations.


R= Reporter, understands at a very basic level, signs and symptoms

I= Interpreter, understands why something is wrong, connections and implications of signs and symptoms.

M=Manager. How to address the problem, the reason for the problem, interrelationships of issues.

E=Educator  Self-directed learning that is appropriate to the problem and the learner level. Helps to educate others.






Please post your reactions to this model, your thoughts, how it would fit into your teaching context. Would it be a useful assessment tool for the learners with whom you work?



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