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Class 4 Assignment

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Part 1: Needs:

You can work in 2 teams  this week. This assignment depends on creative thought by the team members.

1. Identify your most useful definition of Need

2. Develop a teaching/learning case scenario that contains a need(s) assessment, a learning plan,  and a learner assessment. Be sure that the learning does reflect and support the identified actual need translated to practice and that the learning method and content are reasonable for the level of the learner and the learner's practice. Please support and justify your decisions.


Part 2: Change:

There are many changes that can be made in the practice of medicine, but if you are a 'change leader', you need to bring the team into the concept in a productive way. Develop a case in which you institute a change and indicate how you will guide a group through the stages of change.



A.  Ming Chen Hsieh, Eddie Edhayan, Michelle Olson

B. David Disbrow, Nancy Mesiha, Ali Shakir


Learners on different teams should have an opportunity to review the proposals of each team, so please post your plan by Monday noon, Sept 19 .  Read the proposals of the other team and be prepared for discussion related to it.


Required Readings: Grant.Needs.pdf

Optional reading: Norman.Needs.pdf

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