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Prochaska has established a model of change with 5 steps; they are outlined and described below.


Prochaska Stages of Change



In this stage one becomes conscious of the possibility of a change. The possibility may be related to a public campaign, wide information dissemination such as mailings or emails, or guided discussions with peers, teachers, friends.



Self evaluation, reflection, reevaluation of one’s actions and how they effect others, discussions, critical incidents all help to clarify the need for change and its possible effects.



An individual believes they can change and it is in alignment with their values. They make a commitment to change. They may investigate the outcomes of others who have made similar commitments. They may plan to attend meetings, conferences which relate to the planned change.



Use the support of others. Follow the needed steps to initiate change. Learn to substitute new behaviors for the  old.



6 weeks-6 months

The change has been instituted. Investigate the outcomes. Reassess.  Make necessary modifications for it to work.

The new behavior becomes a habit.

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