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Class2  Discussion

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Consider these 6 questions for our discussion:

1. What are the reasons that physicians resist voluntarily taking the MOC?

2. What elements of practice, if any, are absent from the MOC exam?

3. How do you feel about recertification and how would you advise someone with a time unlimited certificate? What  would you choose, why?

4. Levinson comments that the biggest issues in signing up for the MOC are 'cost, time, relevance and fear', do you agree?

5. She also comments that  

"What physicians think they know and do in

practice does not match what they actually know

and do. In fact, physicians are not good at assessing

their own skills — fewer than 30% of

physicians examine their own performance

data, and physicians’ ability to independently

and accurately assess and evaluate themselves

has been shown to be poor. Furthermore, physicians

typically overestimate their compliance

with quality standards." Do you agree or disagree, why?

6. What is your opinion about the two articles related to humor, if you decided to read them?

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